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Any friend of Israel is a friend of Elie Wiesel

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

By Carolyn Yeager

Elie Wiesel joins Israeli Settlers and Intelligence Chiefs to Celebrate Theft from Palestinians

One of the leading land-grabbers in East Jerusalem is a settler non-  governmental   organization by the name of Elad. Elad’s goal is to rid Jerusalem of Arabs.  One of its tactics has been to have Palestinian homes declared archaeological sites, whereby the homes can be taken over and the owners/residents evicted. It will do so by hook or by crook, says a left-leaning Jewish website Tikun Olam.

Left:  Guarded Israeli settlers seize new house in Jerusalem from Palenstinians.

Joining these settlers at their commemoration service on behalf of this enterprise is Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Not only that, he’s the chair of Elad’s Advisory Board.  Also attending the commemoration as friends of Elad were two former Israeli intelligence chiefs, Shabtai Shavit and Amos Yadlin, and a number of prominent officials.

To Wiesel, anyone who is a friend of Israel is a friend of his.


Another friend is John Hagee. In 2009, after reportedly losing a large sum of money he had invested with Bernie Madoff, Wiesel made a cool half million for one speech to Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) benefit. During the celebration of the Feast of the Tabernacles at Hagee’s San Antonio TX mega-church, Wiesel was keynote speaker on the “Night to Honor Israel.” CUFI gave $9 million to Israel charities that night, of which $500,000 went to Wiesel’s Foundation for Humanity.

Wiesel has also joined Alan Dershowitz in sponsoring a Jewish anti-Iran group. In an interview by John Hagee, Wiesel said of Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

“… this man is a disgrace to humanity. […]  This man is the No. 1 Holocaust denier in the world. This man publicly, repeatedly says that he needs, that he wants nuclear weapons to wipe off the Earth one Jewish state. This man should be arrested and brought to Hague to face the international tribunal and charged with the incitement of crimes against humanity. He does not deserve to be a president of any country. He should never be accepted anywhere as a guest, neither to New York nor to Paris, nor anywhere. He must be a persona non grata all over the world.”

Clearly, Wiesel thinks nations should not be allowed to choose their own leaders. They must be vetted by Israel. If they are not friends of Israel, they should be accused of  incitement of crimes against humanity and shunned everywhere. He called the Goldstone Report a “crime against the Jewish people.”

Criticism of Elie Wiesel from the liberal left is growing. However, they tend to put it in this way:

“I’m sorry to say that Wiesel has fallen from the high pedestal on which Jews have placed him.  He no longer wears a crown of moral righteousness.”

What they don’t understand is that he never was righteous, and neither are the Jews who call themselves survivors necessarily righteous. Survivors of what? They survived a turbulent period in history the same way millions of others did–by luck, by opportunism, and sometimes by devious means. The Jewish deportations were given the name “The Holocaust” by Wiesel himself, so he says. Meaning, they named their own event to suit themselves.  Every Jew who lived within an area of German occupation from 1933-1945, or who felt compelled for whatever reason to move from there to a non-German occupied area is considered a ‘Holocaust survivor.’

Wiesel is an unabashed supporter of Israel. Like John Hagee and Alan Dershowitz, he excuses the excesses of the State of Israel on religious grounds … the religion of Zionism and the religion of the Holocaust.

It’s time for left, liberal Jews to do more than take up the cause of Palestine by criticizing Israel’s violence and brutality. They need to look at the whole, rotten story of King Wiesel – and the rest of the ‘survivors’ he symbolically represents. They can begin that unpleasant task right here at Elie Wiesel Cons The World.



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