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Our purpose is to put an end to false testimony against those who were in positions of responsibility in Germany during WW2, and even those who were simply German civilians. It is now 65 years since that war ended, but the slander against a people that were not allowed to speak for themselves not only continues, but grows more strident. This is in large part at the behest of “survivors” and survivor organizations.

We have chosen Elie Wiesel as a prime example of this type of survivor. Elie Wiesel is the most visible representative of “The Holocaust” and the most highly-rewarded of its alleged victims. Elie Wiesel has made fantastic charges about concentration camp atrocities, many that were not believable and were therefore subsequently attributed as being “literary devices.” Elie Wiesel’s descriptions of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, where he claims to have spent a year of his life, are full of inaccuracies and contradictions, and even obvious falsehoods.

As we look into the documents relevant to Elie Wiesel, we don’t find what we expect to find. Neither Elie Wiesel nor his father, Shlomo Wiesel, are named in any records from Auschwitz or Buchenwald. The prisoner numbers Elie claims for them belong to two brothers named Wiesel, with different first names and birthdates. We find little that supports his many other claims about himself. Instead, we find vagaries and “dreams.” We learn from him over and over that “there are no words” to describe what it was like — apparently that excuses him from having to describe his experience in a way that is coherent. And then there is the tattoo issue.

Put another way, Elie Wiesel is the most prominent false eyewitness to German atrocities we know of. For truth to ever prevail in this dark corner of history, Elie Wiesel’s true life story must be told.

Please study this site, and look for ways where you can help. We encourage independent actions by motivated individuals and groups. Put your talents to work. Let us know what you have done. Submit articles and comments, share your research.

Whether you coordinate with us specifically or not, your participation in this effort, your activism is very important. So is your financial assistance. Our expenses will include mass mailings, extensive telephone work, research, and our website costs. No one is salaried; it is all volunteer. With your help we can carry out this project in the most creative way imaginable.

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