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Further evidence that Joshua Kaufman is lying about being Auschwitz prisoner 109023

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

By Carolyn Yeager

Joshua Kaufman at the USHMM 2015 Los Angeles Dinner at the Beverly Hills hotel.

Joshua Kaufman at the USHMM 2015 Los Angeles Dinner in Beverly Hills.

Just like Elie Wiesel, Joshua Kaufman’s claimed Auschwitz number doesn’t fit his own story of how and when he could have been assigned it.

At the end of my previous article on Kaufman, I asked readers to join me in demanding answers from him about his claim to be Auschwitz number 109023. He said to reporters in the courtroom in Detmold, Germany, as quoted by NBC News  [See Comment #1 below]:

Can you imagine working in a crematorium, when you are only 15 years old? I had to break the bones of the dead to get them untangled … I am not Joshua Kaufman, I am number 109023.”

I heard nothing from Kaufman, but I did hear from Carlo Mattogno, the accomplished Italian revisionist. Carlo looked up the numbers and helpfully sent me the following information (my bolding):

AGK NTN 156 p. 62

Source: Archiwum Głównej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Przeciwko Narodowi Polskiemu – Instytutu Pamieci Narodowej, Warsaw: AGK, NTN, 156, p. 66


A list of inmates compiled by the judge Jan Sehn reports the names of the inmates of a transport that arrived at Birkenau on March 15, 1943. The last number assigned was 108530.

The next number in this list is 109371 – a certain Jakob Zakar – who was part of a transport from Greece which arrived in Auschwitz on March 20, 1943.

This means that the number 109023 was assigned between these two dates.

According to Danuta Czech’s Kalendarium [a source used as official Auschwitz data -cy] the number 109023 was assigned on March 18th, 1943 to a group of 465 male (numbers from 108763 to 109227) and 114 female prisoners (they received the numbers 38469 to 38582) sent to Auschwitz from the SiPo [Security Police] Radom, in the General Gouvernment (now Poland).

Mattogno concludes from this that Kaufman’s story lacks either truthfulness or exact dates. The dates, however, are confirmed by the Kalendarium of Danuta Czech and by the judge Jan Sehn.

    *     *     *

Since Kaufman is Hungarian, and came to Auschwitz from the Debrecen Ghetto in Hungary, which didn’t exist until 1944 (from mid-May to mid-June), he could not possibly be the person who was registered with the number 109023 on March 18, 1943. Did Kaufman just pick that number out of thin air? Did he perhaps know of the person who had that number and knew he would not say anything if he (Kaufman) used it? Is Kaufman going to deny he ever said that? If 109023 is not his number, what is? He has not shown his arm the way all those who have a tattoo are willing to do. Kaufman is like Elie Wiesel in that he never seems to take off his jacket.

So let’s see – gosh, do you think he could be making it all up? (blink, blink) How could he have the nerve to do such a nervy thing, is how most people respond. They can’t believe anyone would be so reckless and therefore try to “fill in” with some reasons that makes sense to them. Well, these holocaust surlievers get treated with such incredible deference that it encourages them to emerge out of the woodwork and tell stories out of whole cloth. They actually do it all the time, and get well-compensated for it. Only in a few cases do they get caught in a big enough way that it stops them. Plus, in Kaufman’s mind he’s doing it for Israel, for the benefit of the Jews of the world, and for “Never Again.” He’s going to die soon, so wants to help out the cause before he’s gone. He believes he’s on the side of justice. What are a few lies compared to that?

Media, which is more powerful than one single nation or the judges in a courtroom, is on his side. Reporters and editors of major news outlets present what he says to the public as believable … as news! They are the biggest criminals of all, in my opinion. Their crime is writing and encouraging false news; helping to railroad an innocent man like Reinhold Hanning by reporting lurid lies spoken by surlievers that they have to know cannot be true. It is NBC News and Joshua Kaufman who should be brought up on charges rather than Reinhold Hanning, who is innocent of any specific wrongdoing. But the law is not written that way – the law is written according to political power. Therefore, only political pressure can change it.

How about a lot of you write to NBC News and attach the NBC article above about Kaufman at Hanning’s trial in Detmold (the final judgement comes on June 9th), and inform them that Kaufman is lying about his number 109023. Include the evidence from Carlo Mattogno. Tell them they need to write an apology for printing information without checking its accuracy. NBC is the most far left of the network news outlets and they make it difficult to contact them. This is what I found:

To report an error or comment on, please email [email protected]

The reporters are Andy Eckardt and Carlo Angerer, but no email addresses are given, only Twitter accounts. – he has Kaufman’s picture on his page. Please visit him if you have a Twitter account. – also on Facebook:

I’m still asking Joshua Kaufman or one of his daughters to answer for him. He demanded answers from Reinhold Hanning; he needs to give some of his own.

Scholar Warren Routledge on “The Heretics’ Hour” affirms Wiesel was never in Auschwitz or Buchenwald

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Wiesel stands in front of enlarged image he falsely claims to be himself in a Buchenwald barrack.

To listen to the program, go here

What does it take to light a fire under the guardians of the fixed “Holocaust” narrative and their major champion survivor, the “Holocaust High Priest” Elie Wiesel? If anything can do it, it will be Warren B. Routledge’s just released, almost 500 page book titled, HOLOCAUST HIGH PRIEST: Elie Wiesel, Night, The Memory Cult, and The Rise of Revisionism.

New book by Warren B. Routledge, now available at Amazon for only $26.91

In this book, Routledge shatters the myths surrounding Wiesel that are not allowed to be questioned in the mainstream media. Herein the familiar “Holocaust” narrative is protected as the crown jewel of the New World Order regime that was put in place after 1945 by the victors of World War II.

But among all the revelations that occur throughout the book – and there are many, many – none is more shattering to Elie Wiesel’s image than the author’s belief that he was NOT an eyewitness to the “Holocaust” at all. Wow! How to get that across to the American and world public?

There is an important Appendix at the end of the book which contains an essay by Italian revisionist Carlo Mattogno, translated into English as “Elie Wiesel – The “Symbol of the Shoah.” Following that are the important documents and some photographs that show the reader WHY Elie Wiesel was NOT in the Auschwitz-Monowitz or Buchenwald camps. These documents can also be viewed here on Elie Wiesel Cons The World by clicking on “The Evidence” on the top menu bar.

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