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Unrealistic Expectations from a Reader

Image uploaded by Loupi Smith to convince people that Elie Wiesel has a tattoo on his left arm. But why is the picture cropped on the right?

I received a letter from “Heidi” and I was a little uncertain whether it was real or not. I have now decided that, unfortunately, it’s for real. But oh my, then we have another instance of a racial brethren who has fallen under the spell of the Elie Wiesel “Con.”  Wiesel has an industry behind him that assures massive support for “his story” … or his version of history.

In all her good-hearted but overdone and misdirected sympathy for the sufferers of the world, Heidi becomes nothing more than a brainwashed tool, who is fooling no one but herself.

I wrote back calling her a “brainwashed Canadian,” which she took as an insult, mainly because to her way of thinking it separated us as Canadian and American – different – when in reality we have common ancestors. She may think that is bad, but it’s really much worse. Here is her letter to me;  my commentary follows. And I would like to hear comments from the readers too. What do you think?

3 November 2015

Hi Carolyn,

I’m reading Wiesel’s book, Night, for the 2nd time, in French. I have never read it in English, as there were no English copies available at my library. I strongly encourage you to interview Wiesel about the questions you have. I believe he would be more than willing to be interviewed—I just can’t see him turning it down, unless if you were to attack or accuse him, I suppose…that would make anyone feel uncomfortable, you know? After all, he is human, and so are you, so I just don’t see how it couldn’t work. I would be curious to know what he had meant by the “silent/mute blue” he saw in the fire.  To be honest, I was quite refreshed by his book that it’s the first time Nazis/SS are differentiated from the German people (I’ve read the comic book, Maus, by Art S, which never attacks Germans either) I think it would be important to ask him why he doesn’t hate Germans. I’m sure he’d be able to explain that question—I have my guesses, but I don’t know the real reason. I have a feeling he’d show you his left arm, if you were to ask him; I looked it up—apparently, it’s there—just faded: (now, you maybe won’t like me! :P )…

I think that a major issue is that the world didn’t know just how bad things were in Germany after WW1. Things just got worse and worse. The poverty was very bad and traumatizing—a lot of men were killed as soldiers, often leaving behind poor widows with a ton of kids to feed. Certain German children did a lot of child labour, picking potatoes in their bare feet, just to eat. Unfortunately, there was no social aide, so anxiety and fear became a way of life for a lot of people. Of course, I wasn’t there, but I would never have wanted to be, as things just got worse and worse. Nonetheless, not all German kids were poverty-stricken if they were lucky enough to have been born into wealth. The problem was to actually find a job, with the economy being so bad. Good jobs simply couldn’t be found…

I think it’s worth a try to contact Wiesel.


Heidi (last name withheld, but it’s German)


First, Elie Wiesel is 87. He hasn’t made a public appearance for a couple of years. Is our Heidi aware of that? Probably not.

Even when much younger, Wiesel only allowed interviews when very strict ground rules about what can be asked, and what not, were laid down in advance. It is rare, if not never, that he allows any interviewer, Jew or not, to ask him any non-softball questions. Is Heidi aware of that ? Probably not.

On this website, I have already attacked and accused Wiesel of many things, mainly pointing out the many lies he has told.  He has made no attempt to answer any of it.  Has Heidi read most of what is on this website? Surely not. She has read the sidebar with the Wiesel Quotes, and the title. She wants Wiesel to explain what he meant by the “silent, blue sky” at night – she’s sure he can.  But Heidi, Wiesel didn’t write that he saw the blue sky in the fire, as you say,  but that the fire was burning under the silent blue sky … at night. Please keep things straight — one thing I can’t tolerate is sloppiness when talking about Wiesel.

Heidi compares the Jewish book “Night” to the Jewish comic book,Maus,” by Art Spiegelman, and admires them both because they “differentiate the SS/Nazis from the German people,” she thinks. But they don’t. Elie Wiesel has famously written, “”Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.”  He also thinks it is perfectly proper and even necessary for ordinary Germans, 70 years after the war ended, to continue to supply “survivors” and Israel with billions more euros … money these innocent Germans are taxed for. But Heidi doesn’t stop to think things through. If she would read more of Wiesel’s writings than just “Night,” she would learn far more about the real nature of the man. If she would read everything on this website, she would really learn about him.

Wiesel has also said that he will never  knowingly be in the same room with a holocaust denier! He wants nothing at all to do with them. I am not only all German, but a holocaust denier. So how would he give me an interview?

Heidi makes a distinction between German and Nazi, but I do not. She will say, “Oh, no, not anti-German, but anti-Nazi.” In a second letter that I received from her she told me about her grandmother’s life in Germany right after the war and said of her family, “They weren’t Nazis.” I say, too bad, what were they then?

Same setting as feature photo – here we see more of his arm, but when enlarged it is nothing but a shadow.

Loupi doesn’t give a source for this photo. Where else can it be seen?















About Wiesel’s left arm, she sends me to the page put up by Loupi Smith, a notorious Jew who probably photoshopped the b/w picture of the young Wiesel (right). If you zoom in on it, nothing that looks anything like numbers shows up.  And where was it taken? We have seen plenty of unretouched pictures of Wiesel’s arm where nothing is visible. As to the color photo of the older Wiesel (above) – I have for some time had this small b/w version (above left)* that shows more of his arm, and the darker smudge turns out to be nothing but a shadow. Absolutely – it is not a number. To prove Wiesel has a tattoo, Loupi has to do better than this. And so does Heidi. For instance, a quality magnified view that shows A7713, not just a smudge. Maybe a bit of cooperation from the tattooed person himself  would help. Because all the evidence points to the fact that he took another man’s number for his own after the war. The evidence of his handwriting is also conclusive.

[*These two photos also show that a professional photographer was at work — these are not just casual shots of Elie reading in his office! They are staged.]

The world today (at least anyone who has any interest in it) does know how bad things were in Germany after WWI. That information has been widely disseminated. Most people have sympathy for the Germans of that time.  But Heidi wants to equate the suffering of the Germans after WWI with the suffering of the Jews during WWII.  Jews, however, and Elie Wiesel in particular, will never go along with that! Why doesn’t Heidi have anything to say about the even worse suffering of the Germans after WWII?

Heidi got even more carried away in her second letter:

 My grandmother suffered terribly from the poverty in Germany after the 1st war—she was only a year old when her father died as a soldier in 1914, and her mother was left with many children to take of, all on her own, as NO social assistance was available at that time.  My Oma had no shoes.  She picked potatoes in her bare feet for Jews.  You could never possibly understand such suffering, could you?  Where were you during that time?

Where was I? Just like Heidi, I wasn’t yet born! How old does she think I am?

I advised Heidi to write to Elie herself and get her own interview — if she thinks it is possible that such a request would even get to him. She answered that she did intend to write to him at his Foundation, a kind of a fan letter, but she didn’t expect to receive a reply. She said:

My only intent would be to express the empathy I feel for all that he suffered.  We are all humans, are we not?  I believe that he wrote the book while experiencing dreadful pain of those horrible memories, done by war criminals, not the common German citizen of that time.  He is very intelligent and well-educated—a special person to me, as he understands human suffering on a very deep level.

Heidi, in her high-mindedness  is deeply ignorant. In the photo above right, probably taken in 1946, Wiesel looks mighty healthy and confident. He did not suffer; he made other people suffer. Those who ran the concentration camps were not “war criminals” and were not different from the common German citizens’  like her family, who she pointed out were “not Nazis.” And Wiesel was not well-educated – he was barely educated, except by an odd assortment of rabbis. His doctorate is “honorary.” So she strikes out all the way around. Our Heidi is just another brainwashed German who bows down to kiss the feet of the Jews, thinking that it will be appreciated and everything will be made right thereby. After all, we’re all humans, aren’t we?  ~~

12 Comments to Unrealistic Expectations from a Reader

  1. by Franklin Ryckaert

    On November 6, 2015 at 10:33 pm

    As far as I know numbers were tattooed on the inside of the lower arm, not on the outside. So even if that vague, dubious shadow on Wiesel’s arm is a number it would be fake.

    For the rest, Wiesel, the professional impostor, is far too cunning to allow an interview in which dangerous questions could be asked.

    He has got away with his lies, mainly by playing on emotions, which works wonderfully with people like Heidi. One has to think only of his story of “death-by-fire” (contradicting the later officially accepted idea of “death-by-gaschamber”) or his even more absurd story of “geysers-of-blood”, which are accepted uncritically by the public, to see how far you can go, if you concentrate on playing on emotions of sympathy and guilt.

    I’m afraid the Holocaust story will remain accepted by many millions just like the fantastic stories of the Old Testament, another “contribution” of this ancient tribe of swindlers.


  2. by Carolyn

    On November 7, 2015 at 9:54 am

    “As far as I know numbers were tattooed on the inside of the lower arm, not on the outside.”

    This is not correct. While some might have been placed on the inside arm early on, the standard placement soon became the outside of the left forearm, certainly in 1944.

    One problem is that there is no dependable, official information about Auschwitz tattooing. Whatever some Jew who claims to have been there tells the USHMM or Yad Vashem, these institutions repeat as if it is God’s revealed truth! They don’t care about the truth, and the tattoo issue is just another reflection of that. The Auschitz-Birkenau State Museum (the former camps) website is worst of all for finding information — especially they have nothing to say about the tattoos! And that is the only place that it was done! It’s all totally controlled to be, as you say, an emotional experience. For example, you can learn that:: The Museum collections include:

    • about 110 thousand shoes;
    • about 3,800 suitcases, 2,100 of which bear the names of their owners;
    • over 12 thousand kitchen utensils;
    • 470 prostheses and orthoses;
    • 379 striped camp garments;
    • 246 tallisim;
    • about 4,500 works of art (including about 2 thousand of which were made by prisoners).

    This really teaches us a lot! NOT.
    I challenge any of you to find something about tattoos on the website.


  3. by Steven J Lewis

    On November 7, 2015 at 10:11 am

    I’m not surprised what Heidi writes. Its years. decades of indoctrination that has led to her views expressed in her writings. Sometimes I feel sorry for people who believe/think like her while most of the time it angers me.

    I wonder how Heidi feels about what the Jews are doing to her ancestral homeland via mass invasion of Muslims or if she even knows who is behind it. No red blooded true German would allow this.

    As for the possibility of Elie doing an interview with Carolyn and answering her questions one only need ask Eric Hunt how his request went.


  4. by JoshuaF

    On November 7, 2015 at 10:50 am

    I have no doubt there is NO Tattoo.

    What amazes me is that he never went out and got one from one of many thousands of tattooists that can be found anywhere.


  5. by Franklin Ryckaert

    On November 7, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    For what it is worth, has information on the rather complicated history of tattoos at Auschwitz under :
    Tattoos and Numbers : the system of identifying prisoners at Auschwitz.

    Google images under “Auschwitz tattoos” has images of tattoos on the inside and the outside of the left lower arm.


  6. by Carolyn

    On November 7, 2015 at 1:17 pm


    I’m quite aware of the “info” on tattoos at USHMM. I commented on it:

    Whatever some Jew who claims to have been there tells the USHMM or Yad Vashem, these institutions repeat as if it is God’s revealed truth!

    USHMM has done no real research on it. Where are the sources for their information? Where are the camp documents that laid down the rules? They make it up. They want people to see them as the source of information for everything about the “holocaust.” They don’t NEED to show where information comes from — it comes from them!!! That’s why I don’t send people there via a link, as you do.

    The same with Google images — I’ve been there (and written about it); it’s just a hodge-podge of whatever’s been placed on the internet. Most of them are fake. We should not be encouraging people to accept the information provided at these sites.


  7. by Mineya H

    On November 7, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    One has to remember that in this age, it is all about ‘the feels’, not reality. These people react only to how things make them personally feel, and what they call empathy is only being caused to ‘feel’ by words. There is no actual assimilation of facts, or even a desire to look deeper than the words someone has thrown at them. It’s the same as being emotionally affected by a riff of carefully chosen music in a movie to match the scene. Very subtle brain washing. ‘Trigger words’ cause them to ‘feel’, and disturb them, anything that gets past the medication for ADD, ADHD, or depression makes them ‘feel’ and that disturbs them.

    History is there to study and prevent the same mistakes being made in the future, not to excite some mental child’s silly emotional irrational response to propaganda so that they can then go out and whine about it rather than parse out the truth and act accordingly. Numbers don’t lie but people lie about numbers. For instance, how many of the mass graves were actually filled with Jews? It was war, people died, they had to be buried to prevent disease and vermin, or draw predators. That didn’t automatically make them all Jewish corpses any more than being baptized post mortem made all the Jews Mormons. Is it possible that those mass graves contained German soldiers and local citizens as well, after the Allies took over? It’s Kaballa Magic! Suddenly every dead body is a Jew. (<–Sarcasm.)


  8. by Lorenz Kraus

    On November 7, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Heidi’s best line:

    “I just don’t see.”

    End of discussion.

    Brazen naivete. It let’s the Muslim and communist rapists run over Europe.

    “I just don’t see what could go wrong….and I just don’t care.”

    The soul of a monster is one that just doesn’t care. There is nothing to “Heidi.” Germans are all on the same team; there is no running from the past. You must embrace and champion it. We leave no man on the field and throw none of our fighters and champions under the bus.

    Jews are monsters. Master the monster race or the Jews will master you.

    Jews want us to throw our heroes and fighters under the bus.


  9. by Kurt

    On November 9, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Heidi suffers from the same psychological illness which afflicts so many of our white racial brothers and sisters.

    This illness is Emotional Incontinence.

    It is spread by chronic exposure to the totally kosher entertainment business and all of its venues.

    White people need to read and study much more and break from the compulsion to be entertained.

    Television, films, popular music, etc are truly hazardous to one’s mental health and well being.


  10. by Carolyn

    On November 11, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    On an impulse I wrote to Heidi a third time to recommend she read the short book, “Did Six Million Really Die” which is free online HERE and asked her if she had ever read a revisionist book. She replied without even mentioning the book. Instead she told me I should visit Germany, and the camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald too.

    If she followed my work at all she would know I already have, and also went to Dachau. She then said,

    I forgot to mention last time that the French version of Night does NOT talk about a blue sky, but a “mute blue”. I don’t think it was properly translated into English in the edition you’re using if it’s talking about a blue sky. I think the blue is in the flame.

    [See sidebar] A mute blue? Mute = silent. But not the word sky?

    The word sky is in the original Yiddish book “Un di Velt Hot Gesvign” from which the French was taken. I do not have the French of that part of the book but I am asking a French speaker to check it out for me. However, the English follows the French exactly in all the comparisons that the expert translator and I collaborated on, so I don’t see why it would be different here. The original English was as I have it on the sidebar on this site. However, Marion Wiesel changed it at the time of her new 2006 translation to read:

    “(…) whose bodies I saw transformed into smoke under a silent sky.”

    She got rid of the word “blue” as she got rid of everything else she could that had been ridiculed as nonsensical or inaccurate over the years. I wrote about that HERE, but we had not checked this particular passage. In my opinion, Marion simply removed the word “blue” in both the English and French new editions. I do believe she worked in French first, and then changed the English edition accordingly.

    But Heidi is insisting on the word blue because she says her interpretation is that Wiesel meant that “the blue was in the flame.” All this is so strange that I’m once again suspecting that Heidi is a troll, someone who is trying to mess with me just to see what I will say, or how I might get tripped up. So far, I haven’t but “she” has. Just thought I’d comment on this. These people are good at sounding like they are right and you are wrong. Many people fall for it because they don’t know the details themselves. But we must always be wary.


  11. by Carolyn

    On November 12, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    This comment was changed and updated on 11-13-15 due to more complete information -Carolyn

    Heidi is telling the truth about the French book, so I’ll accept that she’s telling the truth about all the rest … but still she’s a little challenged when it comes to interpreting.

    My French-speaking friend came through and told me La Nuit was available online! The copyright reads:
    © 1958/2007 by LES ÉDITIONS DE MINUIT

    It was first published in 1958; I am not sure what was republished in 2007. There is no mention of a new translation in what is online, but it does say: Préface d’Elie Wiesel à cette nouvelle édition, or in English: Introduction by Elie Wiesel to this new edition. There were no introductory words by Wiesel in the original edition for he was an unknown entity at that time; Francois Mauriac introduced the book for him. Thus, I can only assume that in this new edition we have the changes made by Marion Wiesel. Unfortunately the copyright combines the two editions, as if they were the same. This is typical of the way everything about Elie Wiesel is done – to make sure one can’t pin anything down. So I am still in the dark about what the original said, but the sentence in question, as given in the new edition, is:

    Jamais je n’oublierai les petits visages des enfants dont j’avais vu les corps se transformer en volutes sous un azur muet.

    “sous un azur muet.” UNDER a mute blue, leaving “sky” understood. More poetic that way. But ‘sky’ is clearly implied in the sentence.

    So Wiesel did write in French that he was under a blue sky when it was after midnight. Just one of those sloppy errors he makes because he wasn’t writing from memory of this event, but he was writing fiction. If he had actually been in such a place, he couldn’t make that mistake.

    What’s interesting is that Marion Wiesel changed the text to “silent sky” in the English version, deleting Wiesel’s “blue” (silent blue sky) … but did not remove blue (azure) from the French version. Maybe she did not change anything in the French? Because La Nuit is not a translation, but the original written by EW. It would take me quite a bit of time (which is needed elsewhere) to investigate what changes were made, if any. But I will probably look into it eventually, and maybe sooner than later. Because if not me, then who?

    This is why it’s important to keep the original versions of Night and La Nuit alive and available. I am sure they are already out of print, so all we have are the existing copies, which should be preserved. I have one copy of the original Night. If you have one, in any language, consider it a collectors item and keep it safe.

    So it goes with the ‘Holocaust’ Industry. It’s not about truth but fiction, and changing the details around as necessary. I bet I won’t hear from Heidi again.



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