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Thursday, November 24th, 2011

In January, I featured a “Letter of the Week” and said when we got another letter as good as Hailey’s, or almost as good, I would feature it in the same way. Well, Elie Wiesel Cons The World  recently received two comments, spaced 2 days apart, that are almost as good as the letter from haileylovespink.

I’m replying to both of them here. On Nov. 20 Shelby commented on my article Gigantic Fraud Carried out for Wiesel Nobel Prize.  She wrote:

Really people so what he lied about a picture he was still there. Leave him alone. He has been through more in his life than you can ever imagine. So leave it be. Don’t ruin the rest of a mans life cause you are unsatisfied with yours.

This wording has a familiar ring to it, but I won’t speculate about who it might be and just accept it as is. Shelby, you  seem to be admitting Wiesel lied about being in the picture (famous Buchenwald liberation photograph), yet you are still sure he was there.  Are you fantasizing?  Without evidence, you cannot say for sure he was there just because its been assumed all these years.

You also call lying about being in the picture a “so what.”  Shelby, it’s not “so what.” This is not just any picture. It happens to be the only “proof” that he was there. Further, it reveals a serious moral failure. Elie Wiesel knows whether he’s in that picture or not; he himself cannot be fooled about it. So you are right, he lied. He lied in order to get a Nobel Prize.

As to what Wiesel “has been through” in his life, he was, according to him,  in German custody for one year, from May 1944 to April 1945 … after that, he had everything good done for him.  One bad year out of 83 years in all …  I’m sure many people would be happy to trade that with him. So your sympathy for someone you don’t know (or do you?), and don’t really know anything about, is wasted and even foolish. As to me being dissatisfied with my own life … well, you don’t know that, do you? I’m happy to report to you that is not the case.

On Nov. 22, Sarah wrote a longer comment about my article New Evidence on Elie Wiesel at Buchenwald. She writes:

this website is truly disgusting, so what if Elie isn’t documented properly within the records, you do realize Nazi’s didn’t bother documenting EVERY SINGLE PERSON to go through each camp, they could care less. Not all records will be accurate, and regardless if Elie did live in Buchenwald or not makes no difference, but why a man who has suffered and endured so much, lie about where he’s been, for every historian or writer who thinks any holocaust survivor is lying about their experinces cannot speak on their behalf because they have not been in same position.

Sarah, you also say “so what” … so what if Wiesel isn’t documented, makes no difference to you. In fact, it even makes no difference whether Elie ever lived in Buchenwald.  But if Elie didn’t live in Buchenwald, his entire story is false, Sarah. Can’t you understand that? You are a real believer.

What does make a difference to you appears to be that those who are not holocaust survivors have not been in the same position … therefore we cannot accuse the survivors of lying. Sarah, just like Elie, you fall back on the position that “holocaust survivors” are beyond the understanding, and therefore the criticism, of we ordinary mortals. That is holocaustianity–a belief–not history or science.  The doctrine of holocaustianity is:  Don’t ask questions; those who ask questions are disgusting unbelievers.

I invite Shelby and Sarah to write again; they are always welcome here. In the meantime, here is an idea for them to consider:  Get Mr. Wiesel to show all of us his tattoo that he claims to have on his arm and that will go a long way toward shutting us up.

Update: replies from Sarah and Carolyn

On November 24, 2011 Sarah replied to the above:

Glad you were able to reply back Carolyn, I assumed you would be busy writing more articles on Elie Wisel lying to the public about his experiences. I have read more articles on your website, and you might be surprised to hear that I have a slight change in opinion, yes the tattoo not being where it should be is very strange, but I still don’t believe that calling this man a con is the right way to go about it and yes he could be lying about his experiences, but reading his novels, can you honestly tell me that someone can make all of that up? Can you tell me that you could write a novel like Night, lie about such a tragic experience such as the Holocaust. As I read further on in your articles it disgusts me to see that the many people who comment don’t believe the holocaust ever happened. This is quite ironic actually, Carolyn, you have evidence to prove that Elie Wisel is lying about his time in the concentration camps, and the proof you have is quite substantial, so how is it that with the proof that British soldiers brought from Bergen-Belsen and the numerous photos taken of the prisoners shown to the general public are disregarded and hundreds of testimonies from real survivors are just tossed aside(unless you are going to go on to prove every single survivor is lying and find proof to back that up). In my opinion, that’s real evidence, and yet people continue to deny the holocaust, and your site seems to support that as well, funny, isn’t it. I guess for most people, the truth is hard to swallow, and its easier to deny that millions of people died under the watch of the entire world and nothing was done for years; rather than accept that an entire race was almost abolished because of pure ignorance. Hope to hear from you soon Carolyn, and I read Hailey’s post, and I love her for that, why do you spend so much time trying to prove 1 man wrong, regardless if he’s never even set foot on a camp soil, the Nazi’s had a final plan to kill all Jews, they almost accomplished just that, the Allies took their sweet time getting to these camps and what do people says years later? “It’s a lie, Jewish people just want to hype up German hatred.” “Its all a Holohoax.”
It’s great to see what kind of world we live in………so far I don’t see any sites denying the Rwanda Genocide, so is that what’s next, worldwide denial of that, or can we just refer to all the videos of the dead bodies along the road…..OH WAIT, didn’t we see that in the concentration camps?

On November 25, 2011 Carolyn replied to Sarah:

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you all that you have brought up. But first I have to chide you for changing the subject. You gave up on defending Elie Wiesel very quickly, but you still don’t want to admit he lies. You admit the tattoo is not where it should be but you leave out that he says it is there. Doesn’t this alone make him something of a con man? What else would you call it? A liar? A mental case? A person who thinks he is above all rules and/or physical laws? Please explain to me why he would say he has an A-7713 tattoo on his arm when the rest of the world can see that he doesn’t. I’ll give you a hint: he is very ambitious; and he knows the Media will never bring it up, will never ask him about it. He knows the all-powerful Media is in the hands of His Friends.

You bring up his novels. How many of his novels have you read? Only Night? You ask if I could write such a novel without being in the camps. The answer is yes because others have done it; quite a few fraudulent concentration camp stories have been uncovered. Almost all holocaust survivor books are half fiction. There is so much literature about the camps out there, all you have to do is read it and then write your own. Also, Night has many un-credible and inaccurate passages (some even copied on the sidebar of this website) that have caused critics to question whether Wiesel was actually there — long before Myklos Grüner came on the scene with documents. In all sincerity, Sarah, I don’t think you could defend the book Night if you had to.

At this point you jump to Bergen-Belsen, since you have not made your case about Wiesel. This is what holocaust believers invariably do. But this website is only about Elie Wiesel. I stick to that so people can’t change the subject on me and go around in circles as you’re doing. It’s clear to me that you realize Elie Wiesel cannot be defended, as many are coming to realize, but you don’t want to talk about it. You say calling Wiesel a con is not the right way to go about it; that yes, he may be lying but his book is so good. This does not make sense. He is or he isn’t. The facts say he is, which you recognize.

You only sound silly, Sarah, because you’re trying to defend the indefensible. So you say to me: “why do you spend so much time trying to prove 1 man wrong, regardless if he’s never even set foot on a camp soil, the Nazi’s had a final plan to kill all Jews, they almost accomplished just that …” If the Nazi’s had such a plan (which has never been discovered) they certainly didn’t come close to killing all Jews. There were more Jews than ever shortly after the war, moving and emigrating all over the world. Real statistics prove it. The world has no shortage of Jews. But to get back to Elie Wiesel, do you admit he is a fraud? Are you really going to argue that whether he is or isn’t, he should be left alone and remain the icon of the Holocaust? Are you that comfortable with dishonesty? Should the Holocaust stand on fraud? These are serious questions you and all Jews should consider.

Further replies follow in the Comments section below.



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