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Romanian grave: “We can’t confirm that they are Jews.”

A Time magazine blog reveals that the Romanian chief prosecutor in Iasi, Cornelia Prisacaru, said, “At this moment we don’t know if these are civilian or military bodies. Or could they be Russian or German soldiers? The front line was in that area during World War II. We can’t confirm that they are Jews.”

This is disturbing to the Judaics who have already claimed the site as their own and called in rabbis to bless it, this being standard practice at all sites that they “discover.”  Will the Romanian officials be able to stand up to the Elie Wiesel Institute and the rabbis to proceed along scientific lines in determining the origin of the bones? Or will they be bribed and bullied into allowing Wiesel and his fellow amateurs to take over the site and make it into what they want the world to believe? Stay tuned; we will not take our eyes off this developing story.  ~CY

From Time blogger Rupert Wolfe Murray, Friday Nov. 12, 2010:  One day in 1941, Vasile Enache was tending his cows in the forest of Vulturi, near the city of Iasi, 260 miles (420 km) northeast of Bucharest, when he heard people sobbing. He went to investigate and saw hundreds of civilians being marched through the forest by Romanian army soldiers.


After persuading Enache to show him the exact location of the Vulturi grave, local historian Adrian Cioflinca organized a team of people from Romania’s Elie Wiesel National Institute for Studying the Holocaust to start excavating the site last month. They uncovered the remains of 16 bodies — including the skeletons of children, a lady’s shoe and Romanian-army bullets from 1939 — but have since called a halt to the dig while they wait for rabbis to bless the site.

Now 86, Enache is a bit wobbly on his legs, but his eyes are still clear blue, and his memory of what happened that day in 1941 is fresh. He describes how he was grabbed by a couple of Romanian soldiers who said, “You are a Jew! Come with us.” They arrived at a series of deep graves where the civilians were made to sit down, 10 at a time, and then shot. Others were ordered into the grave to arrange the bodies so more victims could be thrown in. The killings continued all day, but Enache managed to convince his captors that he was a local, an Orthodox Christian, and when this was confirmed by the local forester, he was released.

The Vulturi forester who saved Enache died in 1945, but his daughter still lives nearby. Sitting in her kitchen, Lucia Baltaru describes what she remembers from 1941, when she was 6 years old. “We used to go and play at the grave,” she says. “There was a thin layer of soil over the grave, and when we played, the bodies would move around. I think there are thousands of bodies buried there.”

The site is currently sealed off by the Romanian police, who are guarding the bones and artifacts still on the site, and both journalists and the public are forbidden access.

Elie Wiesel […]  has described Romania’s approach to the Holocaust as “ambivalent.”


This ambivalence is reflected in the Romanian media coverage of the latest mass-grave discovery. The country’s main private TV channels are skeptical, basing their reports on a statement by the chief prosecutor in Iasi, Cornelia Prisacaru, who said, “At this moment we don’t know if these are civilian or military bodies. Or could they be Russian or German soldiers? The front line was in that area during World War II. We can’t confirm that they are Jews.”

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  1. by Ministry of Truth

    On November 21, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    Note how the grave was “deep”, but somehow there was only a “thin layer of soil” over the corpses; thus body parts must have been visible all the while.
    Also, it’s a well known fact 6-year-old children, particularly girls, enjoy playing in graveyards, especially over cadavers who “would move around”.


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