Posted on May 8, 2012 at 1:50 pm

Little New in Wiesel’s Speech at Xavier; Robert Ransdell Gets Attention

By Carolyn Yeager

Reportedly “thousands of students” listened to Elie Wiesel on Sunday night, May 6, in the  Cintas Center in Cincinnati as he intoned his usual theme: “We haven’t done enough; we still haven’t learned from the Holocaust.” [Right photo shows one section of the Cintas auditorium interior, which is home to the Xavier basketball team.]

Who does he mean by “we”? Why, white western (European) man, of course. Not Jews. Nor any other non-whites. They are the ones dying “of famine or of disease or of violence.” As he said, “Every minute today, somewhere in this world a child dies” from one of these three causes, and he asked “How is that possible in a civilized society?”

Civilized? Is the world composed of civilized societies? Most of these deaths of children occur in areas of the world that are not civilized, but Wiesel expects western White societies to be and to feel responsible for what occurs there. This is just one of the dishonest manipulations of thought and speech he exhibits. If you examine his words in any speech you want to name, you discover the irrational element running through it. The guilt-tripping of Europeans. The identification of himself with the innocence of children. He places himself  on the child’s side, against what he would call selfish and indifferent White people.

He very quickly brought up Nazi Germany as the perfect example of this, and again his faux incomprehension about “why.” He said of Nazi Germany, “To this day, I don’t understand it. Why the children?” He is lying about the children because certainly the National Socialist regime did NOT go after children. Thousands of children were liberated from the camps, including himself (according to his story) and they were in good health. Pictures of the “boys of Buchenwald” shortly after “liberation,” for example, show sturdy, normal-looking boys. The internment policy did include whole families by necessity; sometimes they could remain together in family camps and sometimes they were separated by sex into sections for men and women.

Wiesel’s general pattern is to lament the state of the world, followed by “Will the world every learn?” or “The world hasn’t yet learned the lesson of The Holocaust.” This makes the Jews the teachers and the overwhelming majority of us who are not Jews the poor students who won’t learn. Wiesel always presents us with the entire world’s ills and expects a solution for the entire world … something that is not a possibility in any event. In this, he reveals his utter lack of intellectual integrity, common-sense reasoning, and good faith.

Wiesel extracts sympathy for himself; talks about crying

After describing his family victimology for the umpteenth time, he did say one thing new! In recounting his rescue from the concentration camp by the US Army, he recalled that  “We cried.  We discovered for the first time that we could cry.”

Again, who is “we”? Wiesel always said that he felt nothing after his father died; that he shed no tears at the liberation either. “Our first act as free men was to throw ourselves onto the provisions.” (Night, p115) It was later, at the orphanage in France, that he began to feel again, he said in his memoir. But now he’s added a new twist — he cries at liberation. Wiesel goes directly from these touching sentiments to denouncing those who deny the “existence of the Holocaust,” which is more of his dishonest manipulation of speech. Those he calls “deniers” only deny the official narrative of the Holocaust as the Jews insist on it; they do not deny “the existence” of what actually happened to Jews under National Socialism. Big difference, but this difference is denied by the holy holocausters and Wiesel followers. Only their version is acceptable and all must follow it or be called deniers.

Holocaust Denial should be a crime!

Wiesel again calls for the criminalization of “holocaust denial” in the United States. He thinks because this narrative has become sacred to Jews, it should be an exception to the guarantee of freedom of speech that Americans enjoy, and have enjoyed from America’s founding. Think about this. Think about this! This kind of “we come first” attitude is why National Socialist Germany wanted to remove their Jews from the country.

Elie Wiesel is very bold. We must be bold in return. He may feel that at his advanced age he should put it all out there, and, with his untouchable reputation and the protection of the mass media, go for broke. He defended Israel too, as he always does, especially in its formation (in which he played a part), and said he “hopes” for peace—easy to say. Wiesel poses himself as a defender of children, even while Israeli policies kill Palestinian children without a care. Everyone knows this, but at this large gathering, with most students sitting in the cheap seats in the upper balconies, there is no way to shout a question at him.

Robert Ransdell considers his action a success

Ransdell has informed Elie Wiesel Cons The World that he is writing up his May 6 experience to post on the internet under his name, but he sent a long email describing what took place. Unfortunately, he was alone and there was no one to take photographs of him.

Cintas Center showing parking lot

Upon arriving at the Cintas Center, he says he was already tailed by a motorcycle cop, who, however, did not accost him. After parking his car in the lot and walking a short distance toward the entrance, he was approached by two men in suits who identified themselves as campus police and told him he would not be admitted into the building. Hillel had done it’s job. They took his ticket and gave him a $20 bill to compensate for the cost. Ransdell was dressed in his custom t-shirt and hat which asked the question of Wiesel’s tattoo and stated the $1000 challenge.

Ransdell says he was prepared for this eventuality, so he left and parked across the street. He then stood on a street corner right in front of the main entrance to the Xavier campus where most of the people coming to the event would enter. It was still 45 minutes before 7 pm. He had brought with him a sign which was easily visible, and so he stood there with his sign, wearing his custom t-shirt and hat while the traffic flow built up until it was badly stalled first on one side and then the other, as each lane had to wait to turn into the entrance.

He says he was easily seen by the occupants in the cars since he received stares, visible gasps, sneers and middle fingers from them, while he smiled and waved. Some yelled words such as “bigot”at him, which is clearly the wrong word as he was asking to see a tattoo which Elie Wiesel has always said he has but which he has never shown. (Not to mention that photographs show it isn’t there.) Ransdell said some police were stationed across the street from him, which made him feel safer from the likelihood of someone getting out of a car and coming after him. So, all in all, Robert was a happy camper.

Critics and news blackout

He says he stayed until about 7:15 when traffic became completely normal again. Further details will be in Ransdell’s own written account. But I call him a courageous man for standing up to the power of the Jews in his own town as a known entity. He is a good-looking, well-spoken young man and while I would not have written the flyer exactly as he did, or put on the sign exactly what he did, I only find fault with those “couch quarterbacks” on CODOH Forum who criticize his actions from behind their pseudonyms. (Not all are critical.)  If we had just a hundred Robert Ransdells, what an impact we could make. Why don’t we? Ransdell has allies but they are afraid to go to a public function with him! Another one who went out alone to a college campus with flyers about Elie Wiesel’s tattoo was Steve Bock, but these two live almost the entire width of the United States apart from each other.

The Channel 9 news truck was in the area, but made a point to ignore him — another example of the news black-out on any activity that is not good for Jews. They like controlled acts of “antisemitism” to feed their narrative, but do not like to have Elie Wiesel’s self-proclaimed tattoo brought into the limelight. That’s why we use it. It’s the most visible and effective counter to his story of himself  as a holocaust survivor. Elie, please show us the tattoo!

10 Comments to Little New in Wiesel’s Speech at Xavier; Robert Ransdell Gets Attention

  1. by Wilfried Heink

    On May 8, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Hi Carolyn.
    Please tell me what you think will happen should Wiesel be exposed as the fraud he is.

    Thank you.


  2. by Carolyn

    On May 8, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    To Wilf: Your question reveals neither good will nor good sense. Wiesel has been exposed as a fraud; it’s not something yet to come. It’s a done deal. Just as the entire “Holocaust” has been exposed as a fraud for a long time now. But you keep writing about it. Why? I think because you believe there is still more to say. Same with me.

    Why don’t you go first and tell me what you think will happen should The Holocaust be exposed as the fraud it is. Thank you.


  3. by Wilfried Heink

    On May 8, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Carolyn, why do you misunderstand me? If what you wrote is true, why is Wiesel still giving lectures as a “Holocaust survivor”? Nothing has been officially exposed; “The Holocaust” is still going strong.

    What will happen if it should be exposed as a lie? It never will be, WW III will happen first because too much depends on it. But yes, I also keep trying but the more I learn the more discouraged I get.

    Your efforts are appreciated but exposing Wiesel officially will have no effect on the overall story.



  4. by Carolyn

    On May 9, 2012 at 7:46 am

    I don’t misunderstand you, Wilf. Your answer to the question I put to you is: The Holocaust will never be exposed (because too much is at stake and WWIII will happen first). My answer to your question was: Elie Wiesel has been exposed and so has The Holocaust. So what remains to be done? To overcome the ‘taboo’ that is based in ‘fear of the Jews.’ We should all be talking about that, but ‘the fear’ is what stops it.

    You are a person who wakes up discouraged. I am never discouraged, but I am still a realist, not a uptopianist (my own word). I have something to believe in.


  5. by Franz Seiler

    On May 9, 2012 at 1:13 am

    Wiesel’s hoaxing can be seen as carrying on the hoax begun with the Kol Nidre:
    Or: A community that’s taken such a provably wrong text for its self-regulatory basis as the Kol Nidre has decided that “hoax is the basis of life”.
    Proof: The Kol Nidre is materially, logically construed as the – venerable from antiquity – “A Cretan says: ‘All Cretans lie!’ It’s evident this won’t work….. Mutandis mutatis in regard to the Kol Nidre: By means of the concepts and notions of the Kol Nidre all concepts and notions are declared to be ‘invalid from the beginning’ —– This means the concepts and notions of the Kol Nidre are also declared to be ‘invalid from the beginning’


  6. by Carolyn

    On May 9, 2012 at 8:14 am

    To Franz: Thanks very much. Mutandis mutatis = with the necessary modifications. I like your saying that the Kol Nidre reveals “hoax is the basis of life.” For religious Jews, that is.


  7. by blake121666

    On May 9, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    Since Eli Wiesel appears to be the most visible persona in the Holocaust industry, he should be the most targeted (given his status and the power around that). But all of these frauds should, of course, be debunked.

    BTW Carolyn, I tried to give you kudos on your Germar Rudolf interview at your website but apparently I’m not a member. I think you did very well on that.

    With regard to Germar, I wonder why I’ve not heard anyone go over his research in an interview. Is he not allowed to discuss the gas chamber studies w/o returning to prison?


  8. by Carolyn

    On May 9, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    To blake: Thanks for the upbeat words on Elie Wiesel’s importance and on the GR interview. As to my website,, the ‘comments’ are not activated even though the word is there. Too much to keep up with. There is no “membership.” However, I will very soon have a comment feature on my radio network program page. It’s coming. In the meantime, you have to send me an email. Discussing Germar Rudolf’s research in an interview would be a bit tedious in the way of detail, perhaps, but will probably happen if he continues to make himself available for radio programs. You can go to his website,, write to him and ask him your questions. He’s not snobbish at all. :-)


  9. by Franz Seiler

    On May 27, 2012 at 4:42 am

    To Carolyn, thank you for your answer. I should like to qualify the last phrase in your answer a bit: “For religious Jews, that is.” It is all Jews that take part in the Kol Nidre rite, the girls when they are 11, the boys when they are 12. This is an age when they are deeply impressionable. They will grapple with the notions acquired at such an age approximately for all their life-time whether they will become “religious (minded)” or not. And the Kol Nidre is a trap, grammatically a correct phrase, but logically it’s got no results, “no way out”. This basically stays to be a day-dream of theirs, such as Carolyn Yeager has an ongoing day-dream about some aspects of history that – for personal and political gain – have been willfully distorted



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