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Elie Wiesel to speak at Ohio Kent State University in April

By Carolyn Yeager

Kent State President Lester Lefton said the university is expecting thousands of people from across the region to attend on April 11, 2013 when Elie Wiesel speaks as part of the  “Presidential Speaker Series.”

The PSS is a  project only in it’s second year that  “seeks to bring high-profile, world-renowned experts to Kent State for serious, thought-provoking discussions and conversations,” according to the KSU website. But will there be discussion and conversation with Wiesel while he is there? I’m sure not, as Wiesel never takes any questions from an audience (or from anyone anywhere) since so many people have gotten wise to the big fraud he is perpetrating. Wiesel will be whisked in and whisked out through secret passageways with no chance for anyone to interact with him. Expect security to be very tight.

The speech will be given at Kent State’s main campus at 7 pm  in the Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center (pictured right), which is located at 1025 Risman Drive, Kent, OH 44242. Detailed directions from all points can be found here. The center has a capacity for 6,327. Assuming an average of $10 per person, that could add up to $63,270. How much of that will Elie Wiesel get?

Wiesel charges a minimum of $25,000 per speech (as of a couple years ago), so those who go gaga over the man’s sentimental words, which are pretty much the same every time, should remember how much he’s being paid to utter them. If you think he ever does anything without getting the highest price the market will bear, you are just misled.

Fifteen hundred free tickets are available now to Kent State students (one ticket per student) on a first-come basis. After the first 1,500 free tickets are gone, Kent State students pay $10 for one ticket and the general admission price of $20 for any additional tickets.  It costs $50 for preferred seating (where you can actually see the man). If you buy tickets for a group of 10 or more, the price goes down to $15 per ticket.

What draws Wiesel to Ohio?

It was April of last year, 2012, that Wiesel spoke at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. A little searching discovered it was sponsored by The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati with their partners The American Jewish Committee, Cedar Village, Jewish Community Relations Council, The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, Jewish Vocational Service and the Issac M. Wise Temple. In other words, it was an all-Jewish production.

There is undoubtedly a substantial Jewish community in Ohio that is active and well-organized. They provoke an artificial demand for Elie Wiesel, then much of the non-Jewish population is persuaded it’s a wonderful thing, too. Kent State is making every effort to build an increasingly multi-racial  student population – it is evident from browsing through their website.

Is KSU President Lefton Jewish?

It is my opinion that Lester Lefton (left) looks Jewish. Neither on his Wikipedia page, nor on his official Kent State bio page was any religion or family background given – which is highly unusual for an academic and major university president. We’re only told:

Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, Lefton completed his bachelor’s in psychology from Northeastern University in Boston in 1969.


Lefton resides in Kent, Ohio with his wife, Linda. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons. Mrs. Lefton is an attorney who served as a state prosecutor in South Carolina and was an academic advisor for pre-law majors at George Washington and Tulane universities

In a news article/PR release from June 21, 2011:

News of a new partnership with Siauliai University brings Kent State’s total number of international connections to approximately 200. That number includes university partnerships, exchange programs, short-term study abroad arrangements and full semester study abroad programs.

This is just one of many indications of the direction President Lefton is taking Kent State. He has also been involved in scandal over his expense account charges to the university.

Between July 2006 and July 2007 Lefton expensed $36,741.93 on entertainment and $44,249.34 on travel.[28] In a Sep 26, 2007 editorial in the Akron Beacon Journal Lefton was criticized for extensive travel to Europe, a portion of which was charged to the University, as well as hiring two additional vice presidents during a time when university tuition and fees increased for students.

Further controversy in 2007 included an agreement to pay $88,000 for a Vice President to pursue a doctorate at Case Western University. This came at a time when the university was raising student tuition and was of further concern because the same degree could be earned at Kent State University.[30]

Unfortunately, links found in footnotes 28, 29 and 30 on Lefton’s Wikipedia page  are no long viable; the stories have been removed. The power of  Jewish media at work?

Do we have Ohio residents willing to protest Wiesel’s appearance?

If there were a large enough group (five or more) outside the Convocation Center, or at any good campus location in the week prior to Wiesel’s speech, it could be effective. Signs are sufficient; no need to hand out flyers, but some should be available for anyone who asks for it. Two items demand attention at this time:

  1. The perennial question “Where is Elie’s Tattoo?” “Show the American people your tattoo, Elie!”
  2. What about the missing standing man in the Buchenwald Lie-beration Photo that Wiesel says he is in? We would like a comment from Wiesel on the photo in the article from the New York Times and the cover of Mel Mermelstein’s book that both show that photograph without the tall, naked man.   And what about Mermelstein never mentioning Wiesel in his 1979 book about his internment at Auschwitz and Buchenwald when they were only 2 years apart in age and both were part of the Hungarian deportation in 1944?

Copying images from this website and getting blow-ups made to paste onto posters seems to me a doable thing. It’s best to start organizing now, contacting others you know in Ohio and especially the Kent, Ohio area. I know Ohio is well-populated with men and women who consider themselves part of the Truth Movement. Heck, even Gordon Duff lives in Ohio and he fashions himself on VT as some kind of “holocaust revisionist.”  He should act the part and get out there and challenge Elie Wiesel’s version of history. And remember, you don’t have to be a “holocaust denier” to object to the false testimony of Elie Wiesel! Don’t let anyone get away with labeling you with that. Be brave, and spend some of your valuable time  for the truth. This may be the last opportunity you’ll have to protest Elie Wiesel in person before death turns him into an eternal martyr and saint.

14 Comments to Elie Wiesel to speak at Ohio Kent State University in April

  1. by Týr

    On March 5, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    President Lester Lefton among those celebrating Yom Kippur



  2. by Carolyn

    On March 6, 2013 at 2:03 am

    Thanks Týr. Great work. You nailed it for Lefton. Read about Professor Pino here: He is granted a lot of leeway since he’s so anti-American. The Jewish Affairs Conference only cares if he is anti-Israel.


  3. by Týr

    On March 6, 2013 at 10:38 am

    All you need to see is this to see who is backing him. For trained eyes anyways.

    [Dr. Pino is listed in Who’s Who in American Education and Who’s Who in America]


  4. by Anchorage Activist

    On March 12, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    More verification that Lester Lefton is Jewish is provided by Pat Dollard:


  5. by Carolyn

    On March 13, 2013 at 2:37 am

    Thanks. Prof. Pino gets away with being openly anti-Israel (don’t know whether he is anti-jewish) because he is openly anti-White. He is a guy who says some helpful things once in awhile, but is definitely not an ally.


  6. by Reagan

    On March 16, 2013 at 5:06 am

    Your case against Wiesel look sound and it remains highly probable he is guilty of fraud. But don’t you see how you damage your case by loose use of language? If you express what looks like racist antisemitic sentiments you simply alienate decent people at he word go.

    Are you racist and anti-semitc? Do you want to see a world where people are punished for their ethnicity?

    If the answer is “no’ – then you need to say that clearly, a LOT more clearly than you do at present. If you can make that clear then your case agains Wiesel will only seem stronger and you will rob his defenders of an easy weapon to use against you.

    BTW – saying “is this man Jewish? He certainly looks it” is really not the kind of thing you want to be saying if you don’t want to appear racist.


  7. by Carolyn

    On March 17, 2013 at 2:33 am

    To Reagan:

    If you express what looks like racist antisemitic sentiments you simply alienate decent people at he word go.

    Why do you combine racist with antisemitic? They are not the same. Antisemitism has a history of meaning “against the Jewish idea of expansion into other people’s countries by pretending to be a member of their nation.” In the next paragraph you spell it anti-semitc (sic) with a hyphen, which gives a different meaning. And then you define it as “punishing people for their ethnicity.” How does wanting to protect your own people become “punishing (other) people for their ethnicity?” It is not. It is self-preservation and self-defense. Please explain the Jewish-only laws in Israel — do you know that only Jews can emigrate to the state of Israel?

    BTW – saying “is this man Jewish? He certainly looks it” is really not the kind of thing you want to be saying if you don’t want to appear racist.

    What I wrote was:

    It is my opinion that Lester Lefton (left) looks Jewish. Neither on his Wikipedia page, nor on his official Kent State bio page was any religion or family background given – which is highly unusual for an academic and major university president.

    You should quote people accurately if you’re going to use quote marks. I included a picture of a clearly Jewish face, that of Lefton. Yet it is Lefton who doesn’t want his Jewishness mentioned on his Wikipedia page or University biography and has photographs taken that minimize his Jewish “look.”. Why is that? It was clear to me that Lefton was being dishonest about this, and that is why I brought it up. At the time, I did not look far enough to find written evidence of his Jewishness, but I thought the issue was important since we’re dealing with major Jew-promoter Elie Wiesel. Two readers did find reports revealing that Lefton was not only born Jewish, but celebrates the Jewish holidays.

    Once again, this website practices self-defense against infiltration of a foreign people who have their own separate agenda designed to reach their separate, foreign goals and aims — not racism.


  8. by Attila Kovacs

    On March 17, 2013 at 6:38 am

    Good Afternoon Ms. Yeager:

    I finally had some quiet time reading some of the postings and analysis in the Table of Contents above. Needless to add, fascinating. One interesting observation that I have, and I do not know whether it connects the dots as to who wrote which book, and if two individuals are really one, or whose who, is as follows: given that Wiesel Lazar (I do not know how to place the accents on the letters “a”)[family name first] was born in 1913 in Sighet, it would seem natural that in writing about his childhood city he would describe it as belonging to Austro-Hungary up to the end of WWI (his first five years, then it became part of Romania (from 1919 to 1940), and then in 1940 Hungary acquired (Sighet) it again. However, if one is born in 1928, like Elie Wiesel (family name second)his childhood would never have encompassed being under the jurisdiction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and as such most likely it would not likely be mentioned (why mention something 9 years before one is born. Thus, a writer some 25 to 27 years later [circa 1955], would start off with a (small) city in Romania (Transylvania, even though native residents of that area would emphasize the region as Marmaros (or Erdely – if one’s mother tongue is magyar [Hungarian]). Please excuse, in advance, any typos. I hope that this does not confuse the issue, but rather that it illicits further comment. Incidentally, I found one similarity. if not parallelism rather awkward, between the references in Moric Mermelstein’s and Elie Wisel’s books: liberating Allies planes dropping bread into Buchenwald (p.205 of “By Bread Alone”) versus Elie Wiesel’s can or cans of lard being dropped by Allied planes.


  9. by Carolyn

    On March 17, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Attila – can you quote what Mermelstein wrote about Allied planes dropping bread into Buchenwald, please? I can’t find a thing about in on the Internet. Thanks. By the way, so as not to confuse people, the fact that Elie Wiesel wrote that he was “thrown” a can of lard from the provisions after liberation, doesn’t mean the lard was dropped by Allied planes.


  10. by Attila Kovacs

    On March 17, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Hello Carolyn:

    Here is what he wrote on page 205 of the book – quoting:

    The events moved quickly. First we were told that an Allied plane had dropped a message that read: “Hold on; the Allies will soon be in the camp to liberate you.”

    The message was stuffed in a loaf of bread, and I felt that the bread itself was the message. The fact that they even thought of using a loaf of bread to communicate with us was both natural and intriguing. Bread was heavy enough to serve as a good missile, and would land where aimed. But it was a soft and non-explosive one that carried both the energy and promise of life within it. Bread would certainly be picked up and not neglected, and it would certainly be broken to reveal the note.

    For me it seemed an inspiration that a loaf of bread from the skies – manna from heaven – should proclaim our imminent liberation. Bread had been the staple of our diet. If I had bread, I could survive.

    “Man cannot live by bread alone,” the Bible says, meaning that spiritual food is also necessary for sustenance. But for me, the first struggle was to preserve a body in which the spirit could live. Contrary to Biblical teaching, I found over and over that I could live “by bread alone.” The gift of bread, from our Allies who had finally destroyed the Nazis, told me that there were people who understood our suffering and our need. They were coming to help us, which in the first place meant to feed us — bread. There would be bread!

    Hope this is of benefit.

    BTW, I have an idea (a long shot) and I will look around Budapest and let you know what if anything I was able to find.


  11. by Carolyn

    On March 17, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Brother! What a load of _____. Words, words, trying to fill up a book with trivialities and sentimental homilies about the spirit . I wonder why no one else tells this story about the bread? You’d think it would be famous!



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