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Elie Wiesel sponsors petition that assaults Greek and European democratic independence

Europe (above) should be wide open to all comers, according to Elie Wiesel, EGAM (European Grassroots Antiracist Movement) and

By Carolyn Yeager

(last edited on June 1st)

Elie Wiesel wants you to sign a petition that proclaims “We are all Greek Jews. ” It in essence will mean that you approve that  Greek voters  (and voters in every other European nation) must comply with the wishes of the Jewish community in their nation when it comes to their political choices.  This is such insanity that the world media are not even carrying the story. The Guardian was chosen to publish the petition as a news story, but it has not spread very far.

Elie Wiesel,  however,  is one of the original signatories, lending whatever prestige he may still possess to the misbegotten venture. The other signers are mostly Jewish, with a possible smattering of water-carriers and communists. The sponsors include two antiracist organizations: EGAM and SOS Racisme. What do they want? They want to destroy Europe as a white homeland. Can anyone really think this is a good idea?

Voice of conscience

Organized Jewry presents itself as the voice of conscience of the world. This has long been a favored method of control and, though there is no basis for it, many white European peoples, because of the constant media barrage portraying Jews as “wise and carriers of the West’s oldest religion,” seem to fall for it. The Jew-controlled mass media is the new “Holy Scripture” that gives us our modern morality of Tolerance as the highest virture and Equality as the highest law.

The main intention of Elie Wiesel and the other signatories is to enforce “The Holocaust” as the world’s religion for the goyim … as they term all non-Jews. For the same reasons they seek to make the world accept Jerusalem as the supreme seat of international justice, from whence the final decisions on all matters—for which there will be no appeal—will flow. We are to view the world through Jewish eyes and only through Jewish eyes. The very first paragraph of the petition tells us this.

The neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn entered the Greek parliament this month. With its swastika-inspired emblem, Hitlerian salute, reference to Mein Kampf, antisemitic and racist ideology, Holocaust denial, violence against migrants, threats against journalists and personality cult, the party is the lineal heir of the German national-socialist party that led Europe and the world into chaos and bloodshed.

Who else but Jews would write this? But it is incorrect — it was not the German National-Socialist party that led Europe and the world into chaos and bloodshed. It was in actuality World Jewry! The petition then goes on to add Latvia, Austria, and Hungary to Greece for the crime of “Third Reich nostalgia,” simply because a segment of their populations voted for anti-immigration parties considered to be on the “right.”  Finally, it accuses Geert Wilders Freedom Party in The Netherlands of promoting “race inequality” because it is against so many Muslims in the country changing the culture from Dutch to middle-eastern.

The petition signatories hate nationalism and favor regional unions (like the EU) and an over-arching world government because they think they have a better chance of manipulating the latter to their purposes. They use the word “terrifying” to describe trends toward nationalism, implying that Greek Jews (a tiny minority in Greece who make far more noise than their numbers warrant) are in danger of extermination!

We refuse to accept that on our continent, Jewish, immigrant, Muslim, Roma or black people might fear for their lives because of who they are. We invite all citizens, political parties, unions, civil society, intellectuals and artists to fight the extreme right by promoting and bringing to life the European dream. We must always remember that this dream was built on the ruins of Nazism. We must never forget about the Shoah. Our dream is of a continent free from racism and antisemitism. It is the project of a society based on “togetherness” – beyond boundaries.

Incredible assumptions. Their continent? Europe is not the Jews’ homeland, nor is it the homeland of Muslim, Roma or black people. It is the homeland of white Caucasian, Indo-Aryan people. It is these white Caucasian people who are now fearing for their lives! Europe does have boundaries, and those boundaries are important. It is clear that these signatories, which include Elie Wiesel, want to exert their own very un-European ideas on Europe. When Europeans begin to resist this alien takeover and the imposition of the “Holocaust” religion, these Jews naturally get very nervous. They over-react, as they’re doing now.

Recommended Dogmas

They go so far as to propose two shockingly blatant “dogmas” for Europeans — as if the World International Court in Jerusalem were already a reality.

  1. Refute austerity (a slam at Germany), because it puts the bankers (Jewish capitalism) out of their profits from eternally increasing debt (a ponzi scheme).
  2. Refute the anti-immigration “lockdown” of Europe’s frontiers, because the social welfare system requires constant immigration to sustain itself.

They insist on democracy, social justice and the promotion of equality. They mean by this that blacks, gypsies (who are not indigenous to Europe but came from India), Asians, Arabs and Jews must be considered equal to the national population simply by putting their feet on that national soil. They must be given social equality, meaning special financial and other assistance that will afford them a comparable lifestyle to the working native population. In this way, the illusion can be created that everyone is equal. See Germans to Learn Turkish … instead of Turks learning German, for the shape of things to come if Elie Wiesel has his way.

Why not “We are all Palestinians now”

One naturally has the thought: Why aren’t these Jewish petitioners compiling something to send to Israel titled “We are all Palestinians now.” Why isn’t equality desirable in Israel? The inequality in Palestine under Jewish rule is far, far, far worse than anything found in Europe. Ditto the anti-immigration feeling. What we have here is the same old hypocrisy that Elie Wiesel has been exhibiting his entire life.

These petition signers know that forced equality is unnatural and will weaken, even sicken, the host population.  So for them,  Europe belongs to everyone. But Israel belongs to the Jews.

Don’t sign the petition, and in fact mock and ridicule anyone who does. They deserve it.

15 Comments to Elie Wiesel sponsors petition that assaults Greek and European democratic independence

  1. by Jerzy Ulicki-Rek.

    On May 31, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Before we had:”My way or no way..”
    That was bad..
    Now we have:”Jew way or no way”..

    It’s getting worse with every passing day.
    It’s time to say:”Enough is enough”.
    And don’t wait for your politicians to come up with this battle cry.

    They never have enough:)
    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek


  2. by Heinemann

    On June 1, 2012 at 5:25 am

    I never heard of Elie Wiesel before a few years when the Holocaust cult emerged from the darkness of the Second World War. It sounds like a pathogen that is causing a pandemic. But the Holocaust religion is an even more virulent lie that will subtly infect the world.Their diabolical obsession with the destruction of the moribund Christian culture and their endemic and fervid hatred for Christ will serve its purpose and fulfill the ineluctable events of Scripture. One tries futilely to enlighten the churches but they have already become apostate and betrayed Christ Jesus , the Truth for the delusion of Zionism. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.


  3. by Roger

    On June 1, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Extreme nutzpah.

    Jewish condemnation of Geert Wilders is always good to see. The clowns who believe they can work for our interests by appeasing the Jews are deluded, and the Jewish reaction to them consistently proves it. I am sick to death of the growing number of European ‘nationalist’ ‘leaders’ taking a pro-Zionist line, as if they can trick the Jews into supporting White interests by paying lip-service to their repression of Muslims in the Middle East. To call such people ‘controlled opposition’ would be a far kinder description than they deserve.

    Golden Dawn really highlight the shallow vacuity of this technique, so there is little wonder that the Jews are so worried about them (as well as Jobbik). Back in 1997, Nick Griffin was prepared to tell TV reporters that the gas chamber myth is just that (seach “Nick Griffin Cook report” on YT); fast-forward to 2009, and he responds on the BBC with the claim: “I cannot explain why I used to say those things”!

    Can a man be more of a coward? And yet, Golden Dawn now have 21 MPs, whereas the BNP have none, in spite of their constant pandering to Jewish interests. Even if Britain had the same electoral system as Greece, the BNP would have no representation in parliament. Weak apologists will never win. Hitler proved this in the 1930s, and honest parties like Jobbik and Golden Dawn are proving it again in the 2010s.

    This clip of Nick Griffin running scared from a limp-wristed Jewish kid is the perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with appeasement:

    It is almost unbearable to watch. Thank God we have Nikolaos Michaloliakos to tell creeps like Elie Wiesel where to go!


  4. by Alan Schmidt

    On June 4, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Great – so you have sorted it all out. Elie Weisel and his family were safely left in their home town and never transported anywhere, but mr Weisel wanted to make some money writing a book and just pretended to have been transported to Poland! i have heard some wild conspiracy theories, but this website’s is one of the most prepostorous! The Holocaust happened …accept it – and work towards eliminating all ethnic hatred and sectarian conflict. Quibling over who is in which photograph is pathetic …and hjow can you claim that the victems with their ribs showing were “staged”. Sure some people who arrived at the camps later would not have become so thin – and others (non Jews) who were in forced labour camps would not have been as weak …but that does not change the reality of what happened as a result of the Nazi “Final Solution”. Shame on you!


  5. by Carolyn

    On June 5, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Alan — The people with their ribs showing in the photos were ill people. But also the photo in question at this website was taken on April 16, 1945 after months of Allied bombing of German infrastructure, preventing food, medicine and other goods from reaching the camps. Still, there are plenty of photographs of liberated ‘survivors’ who look well-fed, well-dressed and healthy. They were not “new arrivals” as you suggest, but it depended on where you were, and also who you were in the inmate scheme of things.

    You are the one who should do more study of revisionist sites … like this one … and find out where the real conspiracy theories are coming from. Shame on you for believing without checking things out for yourself.


  6. by Frankie

    On June 4, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    Asian homelands for Asians,

    African homelands fro Africans,

    White homelands for EVERYBODY.

    Alan Schmidt says he’s anti-racist, but what he really is, is anti-White.

    Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White


  7. by Franklin Ryckaert

    On June 7, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Let’s make some changes in the text of Elie Wiesel’s petition and ask him to sign it. Here we go :

    “We refuse to accept that in our country Israel, Palestinians, Christians, Muslims, immigrants and asylum seekers from the Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and other black African countries might fear for their lives because of who they are. We invite all citizens, political parties, unions, civil society, intellectuals and artists to fight the extreme right by promoting and bringing to life the Israeli dream. We must always remember that this dream was built on the ruins of Zionism. We must not forget about the Nakba. Our dream is a country free from racism and anti-gentilism. It is a project of a society based on “togetherness” – beyond boundaries”.

    Will he sign it?


  8. by Carolyn

    On June 7, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Haha, very good. Of course he wouldn’t. He would call you an antisemite. Too bad we can’t get such a petition as yours to be publicized by The Guardian, eh? But people should really wonder why.

    I just checked on the petition to see how many signers, but you can’t see that unless you fill in your information and sign it. Typical of the secrecy of the Jews. Most petitions tell everyone how many signers they have and let you look at them. In addition to the 15 original signatories, they have added this:

    “They have joined us” :
    Thierry Sebaganwa – Leader of Genocide remembrance projects & survivors communities (Rwanda)
    Art Kaufmann – Senior Director of the National Endowment for Democracy (USA)
    Milana Bakhaeva – Leading activist in Memorial, Grozny (Chechnya)
    Ronal Eissens – Director of the International Network Against Hate on the web (The Netherlands)
    Mazomenos Vassili – Film Director (Greece)
    Kordoni Valia – University Professor (Germany)
    Monica Lowenberg – Initiator of “Stop the 16th marches and Latvian revisiting history” (UK)
    Niccolo Milanese – Co-president of European Alternatives (UK)
    Sabina Subasic – Film Director (Bosnia)
    Veronika Nehama – Writer (Spain)
    Zofia Crodzinska-Klemette – Press columnist (Finland / Poland)
    Yoram Ron – Film maker (Israel)
    Anna Ekstrom – Journalist (Sweden)
    Nicole Waldman – Writer (Austria)
    Arbelaez Angela maria – Historian (Greece)
    NC Heikin – Film Director (USA)


  9. by Franklin Ryckaert

    On June 7, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    I have checked it out, they have 3524 signatures as of now.
    I saw to my dismay that rogue “philosopher” Bernard-Henry Lévy also is behind this petition.
    That man convinced Sarkozy to participate in the criminal NATO attack on Libya. Some Jewish “philantropist”!


  10. by Ministry of Truth

    On June 19, 2012 at 5:22 am

    The latest Wiesel‘s histrionics.


  11. by Carolyn

    On June 19, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Thanks. Another self-inflicted nail in the Elie Wiesel Myth coffin.


  12. by Northpal

    On June 20, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Oy Vey, the White European (goyim)nations cannot and must not have, nor even entertain the right of self determination. It all leads to nationalism, Franco,Hitler and Mussolini.
    The weasels books would be burned. Then, how can a poor jew make a buck in those systems, other than actual work ??



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