Posted on December 23, 2012 at 4:27 am

Break the Spell! Magic and Trickery are what the “Holocaust” is made of

By Carolyn Yeager
copyright 2012 carolyn yeager

Do you remember the nursery rhyme that goes:

Sugar and Spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of.

How about this one:

Magic and Trickery and all things fakery, that’s what “the holocaust” is made of.

This very famous image associated with the so-called “Holocaust” that was discussed in the previous post has turned out to be fraught with fakery. A sharp-eyed reader, Paul Borresen, noticed something that, once seen,  makes one wonder how it was not seen before!

What he noticed is that, in addition to the forged standing man exposed in my previous post,  one of the men in the bunks appears twice in this Famous Buchenwald Lie-beration Photo, and the similarity is unmistakeable.

Viewing the photo above, enlarged as much as it can be … find the young man lying on his back with head turned toward the photographer,  in the 2nd row up from the bottom, 3rd from the left. His head is resting on his food bowl. (close-up on left, below, designated ‘Original’)









Now look at the young man in the same position in the bottom row, 4th from the left. He is the same man! (close-up on right, above, designated ‘Copy’) The food bowl has been removed from underneath his head, leaving it to a military intelligence photo-retoucher to redo his throat  and neck, but in a very un-anatomical manner. Have you ever seen a neck that looked like that? I have not. In an attempt to retain a lesser portion of the ‘gown’ he was wearing so that it would not look the same as the ‘original,’ more bare skin is left showing, but without any anatomical correctness whatsoever.

The retoucher was not a trained artist and was in over his/her head with this assignment. For example, look at the ear. It consists of a few strokes of light-colored paint in an attempt to make something resembling an ear, but failing.  Ears are one of the most difficult parts of the body to draw or paint in a convincing manner, but it was necessary to add an ear to this ‘copy’ because the ear is not showing on the original man in the bunk above; it is buried against the upside-down food bowl and some material that’s covering it. The botched ear of the ‘copy’ is one of the biggest giveaways of  fakery in this photo, but not the only one.

What’s with all these thick, black eyebrows?

Let’s look at the eyes and eyebrows next. The man whom we are calling “the original,” has very dark, thick eyebrows but otherwise looks normal. The shadow under his chin is probably what was actually there – bringing attention to the fact that a very bright light source in a dark room was shining on the men, and hitting the lower two rows of bunks more than the upper two rows. His “copy” also has very dark, flat eyebrows but they have been redrawn to begin higher up from the bridge of the nose and extend down to the outside corner of the eye, giving him a wild look. Adding to this wild-eyed look is the delineation of more distinct eyelids, rounding the eyes and enlarging the irises, all of which create the zombie look which the ‘original’ doesn’t have.

A couple more things were done in a futile effort to camouflage this ‘copy’:  the rounding of the forehead, head, and hairline, and the squaring of the chin and lower jaw. A crude line of black paint, applied all the way up to the big, white ‘cauliflower’ ear, was evidently thought to suffice for a shadow under chin and jaw. Look closely especially where it meets the ear and you can recognize it is paint.

Yet, the nose, mouth, upper  jaw and facial shadows remain exactly the same in both figures.  The result is a grotesque second person that I suppose has been eliciting sympathy from clueless viewers all these years.

This grotesque, over-worked ‘copy’ is also smaller than it should be for the bunk it occupies – actually being the same size as the man peering out from the next bunk further down. Maybe the forgers thought this would make him look like a young boy. If so, they failed to realize that boys don’t have tiny heads!  Now, this peering man has clearly had his eyebrows and eyes emphasized with black paint or pencil. Or he may be totally fake. Others whose eyebrows were treated similarly are:  The “elie wiesel” face has heavily emphasized eyebrows; also the second and third man in the third row, and all the men in the top row. I believe the best explanation for this phenomenon is this: the poorly painted eyebrows of the ‘copy’ would stand out too much from the natural-looking eyebrows of all the rest, so it was decided to give a swipe of black paint to many other eyebrows also, including our ‘original.’

As a practicing artist most of my life, from childhood on, who has drawn and painted hundreds of faces and done many portraits, I know quite well how to touch up faces and how tiny adjustments can make a big difference in attaining a likeness. The assignment here was to do the opposite of attaining a likeness; it was to take a photographic carbon copy and make it look unlike the original. If I had done the work on this photograph it would be far superior to the image we have, which is a really sloppy job by people who are not artists and therefore don’t have “an eye” for how things actually look and/or don’t know how to make it look that way. Which is a good thing for us!

NEW ENLARGED IMAGES! In these close-ups showing more of the neck and the space around the faces. we can see more clearly how the head of the “copy” in the lower bunk is angled back, just slightly, since he is lying with his head directly on the floor of the bunk, not propped up as is the “original.”  I think it’s likely that after altering the face and hair, and adding an “ear,” the forgers severed the face/head  at the jawline and proceeded to paint a brand new neck that would fit the newly angled face with the slightly raised chin. This is why everything below the chin is so horribly wrong. We can see a collar bone and shoulder in the ‘original,’ but there is no bone structure at all in the ‘copy.’ The crude black line representing a shadow under the chin serves to “attach” the two parts together.

The ‘copy’ also has far less contrast, is overall grayish, which would happen from all the retouching, or also that this copy was set for low contrast.  We can see that the shadows on the side of the face follow the same pattern even though they’ve been interrupted here and there. We can also see clearly how the upper line of the face was indented right below the cheekbone,  and was added to along the mouth area. The line of the mouth between the upper and lower lips goes all the way to the edge of the face, but on the ‘copy’ it stops short of the edge. You can see the gray paint added at that upper corner of the mouth.




























Hundreds of forged and mislabeled photographs make up the “Holocaust”

This is one photograph out of many that were also forged.  I believe it is one of the most important because it has been given such a prominent place among the documents “proving” the “Holocaust.” Elie Wiesel, or his handlers, no doubt selected this photo – from many possible others wherein he could be falsely identified as one of the crowd – because it was already so well-known and was in many books and publications. Therefore, whenever it is published somewhere, it can be said that Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel is in the picture.  However, they didn’t count on it being exposed as a fraud – they never do. But now it has been, and it’s up to us – all of you reading this – to see that the exposé becomes known everywhere this photograph appears.  This is what it will take to break the spell.

What we have to fight against – our own people

A fellow revisionist who helps me with technical issues from time to time for this blog actually wanted me to hold back on this because he could not be sure that the two figures discussed in this article are the same man! What would it take to convince him? A confession from the perpetrators? A corroboration from an authority figure or a Jew? Why the difficulty in contradicting the given narrative?

A poster at Stormfront who boldly calls himself “The Hammer of God” had this to say when confronted with the empty black area in the NYTimes reprint:

Idk, newspapers did have pretty low-quality pictures at that time, so maybe that whole area was just set to black, but it looks bright enough for that person to have shown up. The lighting actually seems a bit brighter on that man, which makes it even stranger why that section would appear black. So, perhaps it is a forgery, but I can’t say for certain.

People like ‘The Hammer” should spend more time studying how the magic spell works. It works like this: Evidence doesn’t count; don’t trust it; don’t trust your own brain; trust the consensus. Far too many of us cannot break out of the consensus about the “Holocaust” and the ” evil Nazis.”  For this reason, we need to clearly understand what is being done, and how it’s being done. The “how” is very important. It’s a kind of sleight of hand, a magic act, and we are the ones being both entertained and kept in servitude by it. Understanding this is how we will break the spell.


7 Comments to Break the Spell! Magic and Trickery are what the “Holocaust” is made of

  1. by Whodareswings

    On December 23, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    The brow is different as are the jawline, the nostril, the hairline. the eyes. Close, yes, but no cigar…


  2. by Carolyn

    On December 24, 2012 at 1:41 am

    Did you read the text or just look at the pictures? I addressed all that. The nose and mouth are exactly the same; they don’t just look the same, they are the same. They didn’t touch those because they knew they would botch it up — nose and mouth are difficult. Like the ear is. What about that ear?! Explain that. They had no choice but to add an ear, since there wasn’t one. All the other things are easier to do with paint, and all that retouching and altering is why this man looks like a freak, not like the others in the photo. For example, no hairline looks like that; it’s totally unreal. Check it against every other man in the picture. No male human heads are shaped like his is. I am waiting on a better zoom-shot of the ‘copy,’ but it’s Christmastime, you know.

    As an artist yourself, I’m surprised you don’t recognize it immediately but maybe you’ve spent too much time working in ceramics. I am going to ask Will Williams (a portrait artist) to weigh in on this, but I am absolutely sure and confident about it and other people’s opinions will not change my mind.

    The people who can’t see through the trickery and think that what “appears” to be is what “is,” and underestimate the amount of conspiratorial manipulation that goes on, are the reason something like the “holocaust” works. It takes careful study of each item, and there are thousands of items. We need a much larger army of intelligent debunkers, but unfortunately too many people only want the simple overview and ‘spare them the details.’


  3. by Carolyn

    On December 25, 2012 at 8:32 am

    Pete Papaheraklis of American Free Press newspaper, who is also an artist, sent me an email about this photo comparison:

    One of the earliest [holocaust] books I read was a chapbook by Udo Wallendy which showed photo-shopped pictures of the Holocaust and the camps.
    Because I was trained as an artist, I could easily see the blatant “doctoring-up” of the original photos.
    I am glad you have debunked this picture as it appears that ALL the Holocaust pictures have been a fabrication.

    Anyway, I was examining the discrepancies you were pointing out with the one inmate shown twice after heavy touch-up of the same face and it is so obvious that in fact this was done.

    My emphasis in the last sentence. Thanks Pete. :-)


  4. by Whodareswings

    On December 25, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    I have Udo Wallendy’s book about Holocaust photo fakery. I also possess a copy of the faked photo evidence used to deport Bishop Valerian Trifa which the ex-Romanian secret police chief Ion Pacepa wrote about manufacturing in his tell-all book Red Horizons. I paid Yad Vashem $60 for this stupid collage. I was also involved in a photo portrait restoration project so I’ve seen what’s possible with professional retouching and it’s amazing.

    You’re right. I commented before reading your assessment of the differences in the faces. I’m prepared now to accept your conclusions, but I still don’t see why whomever doctored this image felt the need to stick an extra inmate in that empty bunk bed. The photo is grim enough even without him and the standing “musselman.”

    It was proven that the Russians we’re still up to their old tricks in the John Demjanjuk case. I suspect they’re responsible for most of those grainy out of focus Holocaust photos we’ve seen reproduced year after year in book after book. One would think they’d have found a cache of better atrocity photos by now, but apparently they haven’t.


  5. by Carolyn

    On December 26, 2012 at 1:44 am

    Thanks, WDW, for your honesty. I know most people don’t actually read the articles on this site — if they did we would have more converts.

    Your question about why they bothered with it (quite a bit of trouble, after all) came into my mind too. But trying to answer questions like that is to try to answer why war and political propaganda goes to the extremes it does. People get carried away? Their hatred and fear of the enemy overcomes their better judgement? Obviously, they wanted more crowded bunks than they had, and several other figures & faces are suspicious too, but there is no way to prove it … not yet anyway.

    It seems foolish to me also to do such an obvious job of forgery, yet they know something about us — this is the first time anyone noticed it, after 60 odd years of this famous photo circulating!


  6. by Carolyn

    On December 26, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    From Will Williams in an email to me:

    I perused the article, comparing the side by side head details before doing so. The difference in the size of the eyeballs in the two heads is what jumped out at me right away. I noticed most of the differences you pointed out about anatomical and lighting discrepancies and you are absolutely right, Carolyn. Some features are altered while it’s obvious that others are not. Whoever altered the photograph was careless, even sloppy, and didn’t figure on a righteous revisionist with a trained artist’s eye to ever scrutinize the work forensically as you’ve done. […]
    This reminds me of some of the altered photos from the Dachau camp “liberation.” You’ve added another piece to the puzzle that will show everyone — some earlier than others — that the Jew’s mask is slipping.

    Thanks Will.


  7. by Whodareswings

    On December 26, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Quite by accident I stumbled on a blogspot that contains numerous examples of Russian atrocity photo fakery. Scroll down to it here:


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